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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of High Voltage And Low Voltage LED Strip?
- Jan 17, 2019 -

LED strip is often used to sketch the outline of various buildings, construction of large lighting patterns, a variety of interior decoration, residential areas, home landscaping lighting decoration.According to the LED lamp belt and the difference in using occasions for the lamp with different requirements, and high pressure with LED lights and low voltage LED lights two kinds, high pressure lamp with LED lights belt, also known as communication, low voltage LED lamp belt is also called the dc lamp belt, then the two flexible LED lamp with a difference, the advantages and disadvantages between the two exactly how, when we buy, how to choose?

1. Safety: the 220V voltage used in the high-voltage LED lamp strip is a dangerous voltage, and there are safety risks in some risky applications;The low-voltage LED strip works under the working voltage of 12V dc, which is a safe voltage and can be applied in various occasions without any danger to people.

2. Installation: the installation of high-voltage LED light strip is relatively simple, which can be driven by high-voltage driver directly. Generally, the factory can be configured directly, and the power supply of 220V can be connected to work normally.However, the installation of low-voltage LED flexible light strip requires the installation of dc power supply in front of the light strip, which is relatively complicated in installation.

3. Price: if you look at the two types of LED lights, the price of LED lights is the same, but the overall cost is different, because the high-voltage LED lights are equipped with high-voltage power supply, generally a power supply can bring 30~50 meters of LED flexible strip, and relatively speaking, the high-voltage voltage cost is relatively low.Generally, the power of a 1m-60-bead 5050 strip is about 12~14W, which means that a 15W or so dc power should be provided for each meter of the strip. In this way, the cost of the low-voltage LED strip will be much higher than that of the high-voltage LED strip.Therefore, from the perspective of overall cost, the price of low-voltage LED lights is higher than that of high-voltage LED lights.

4. Packaging: the packaging of high-voltage LED strip is quite different from that of low-voltage LED strip. Generally, the flexible high-voltage LED strip can be 50~100 meters/volume;Generally, the low-voltage LED light strip should be 5~10 meters/coil at most.Beyond 10 meters, the dc power supply will be severely attenuated.

5. Service life: the service life of low-voltage LED strip will be 50,000-100,000 hours technically, but the actual service life can reach 30,000-50,000 hours.Because of the high voltage, the high-voltage LED strip generates more heat per unit length than the low-voltage LED strip, which directly affects the service life of the high-voltage LED strip. Generally speaking, the service life of the high-voltage LED strip is about 10,000 hours.