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Led Strip Supplier Dialysis Strip Specific Manufacturing And Use
- Feb 03, 2019 -

Led lamp belt because the product has the energy conservation, the pattern is many, the changeable effect dazzles beautifully, the brightness is high, the price is suitable, the suitable environment is widespread, most mainly has the installment simple and so on the good characteristic, more and more obtains the general consumers the be fond of.In the whole industry, everyone for the full color LED light strip name or name is not unified, the industry's most professional name is, LED full color strip is also called LED magic light strip.This article ordinary lamp, product and market is mainly on the FPC board for more than a driver IC, at the same time in the board manufacturing process there is a standard to the requirement of the copper, if the manufacturing process, the improper use of copper, can lead to serious result in unstable products, so conventional in the 12 v LED magic lantern 30 light boards in a panel on the requirements of more than 2 a copper.144 lamps should reach 2.5A copper commonly above.

1. How to cut the LED strip:


Ordinary LED light strips can be cut in different groups according to customers' requirements.But some customers will require a single LED strip to do a cutting position, which is also unreasonable.In that case, it is equivalent to a parallel circuit, and there is no guarantee for the service life of LED strip.For the full color light strip, you can choose to have 3 lights a cut with a light a cut, and 6 lights a cut of the difference, each has a certain power supply standard difference, respectively is 5V power supply, 12V power supply, 24V power supply, in the industry also some people call this product low pressure magic lights strip.


2. Specific number of led beads:


The led strip has a fixed number of beads per meter.For example, the WS2811 phantom light strip has 60 meters of 5050RGB lights.WS2811 phantom lights 30 lights, 48 lights.In addition, there is also a single-point single-control light bar, built-in IC, WS2812B light bar, 30 lights, 60 lights, 90 lights, 144 lights and so on.If there are other special requirements, such as 50 lights per meter, this involves modifying the circuit.Because usually three leds are in a group, if it is 50 lights, it will become a group with insufficient quantity, but if it is two LED lights with a group, it will increase the resistance value of the current limiting resistance, which will cause a waste of resources.Therefore, when making customized LED strip with special requirements, it must be noted that the number of beads is a multiple of 3, so as not to cause a waste of voltage resources.

3. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of parallel circuit and series circuit:

The circuit of led strip is realized by series circuit and parallel circuit respectively. The advantage of series circuit is simple control, relatively advantageous market unit price, and good market demand and acceptability.The disadvantage is that if one lamp is broken in the middle of the strip, it will affect the normal operation of all the lights below.The advantage of parallel circuit is that if one LED lamp is broken in the middle of the LED strip, it will not affect the normal use of the following lights, so it just complements the disadvantage of series circuit.The disadvantage of the LED lamp with WS2821 parallel circuit is that after installation, there will be an address writing step, so that each pixel is a separate address.Additional it is the market unit price wants to want a few more expensive than the full-color light strip of series connection plan.LED strip with parallel design is suitable for outdoor lighting project and image project.