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Led Lights With Suppliers Of The Current Situation And Crisis, Not Optimistic
- Feb 06, 2019 -

This year, LED household lighting in the lighting channel popular, especially LED lights, its popularity has begun to cause concern of the industry.However, no one can be sure how hot the led strip is. After experiencing a short period of hot, the heat of the led strip suddenly cools down, and it is no longer in the hot state before.But the led light belt supplier's development seems to go from bad to worse, not optimistic.

To this end, we interviewed a number of enterprises, LED light belt, both traditional ceiling light and LED ceiling light, to find out the current situation and crisis of LED ceiling light, LED light belt suppliers.

Channel: "civilian" price is hard truth

LED home lighting, as the name suggests, is destined to go into thousands of households, destined to eventually enter the traditional lighting channels.But why there are many LED home lighting enterprises can not do channels?It is because their price still cannot achieve the 0.5 -- 1.0 times such level or even lower than the price of traditional lamps and lanterns only, lack price competition ability so, this is the biggest problem that they cannot do channel.For led light suppliers, agents and logistics providers, led enterprises with "civilian" prices are too attractive.

In the process of investment attraction of lighting enterprises, the confusion of dealers and agents is actually two points: first, they are worried about the high price of products;Two, worry about quality is not guaranteed.Their biggest problem is that the brand is hard to choose. Many dealers don't know which company can do well in quality and which one can't do well.Therefore, many enterprises have experienced doubts and even negations about quality and price from dealers, agents and consumers.

Market explosion: technology, quality, cost, price

LED lamp product category and many, why alone LED lamp belt stand out?As far as the reporter is concerned, there are reasons for the popularity of led light strips. The reasons are as follows: first, led light strips are required by retailers. Led light strips can quickly seize the store display of agents and attract consumers to recognize the brand.Second, consumers' buying habits decide that led light strip is the first choice. As the main light of the living room lamp, led light strip is usually the first choice for consumers to buy lamps and lanterns, and then they can form a complete set of led ceiling lamp, led tube spotlight, led kitchen and bathroom lamp, etc.Consumers and businesses for ceiling lamps demand is very large, namely led with replaceable market capacity is also very large