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LED Lights With Brand Extension Section Is What Come?
- Feb 07, 2019 -

What is LED?LED lights with a few industrial chain including some?LED has been more and more widely used, but you know what is called LED, LED lights with brand industrial chain and include some of those?Now with haotianxing electronics to know it together.

LED (LightEmittingDiode) is a solid state semiconductor device that should be able to convert electrical energy into visible light.It is mainly used in various indoor and outdoor display screens, car interior dashboard, brake lights, taillights, electronic watches, mobile phones and so on.

What does the LED industrial chain contain?

LED lights with brand industrial chain first contains 4: some LED epitaxial chip, LED chip production, LED equipment packaging and product use, in addition, also contains related supporting industries.

Generally speaking, epitaxial attributed to LED lights with brand industrial chain upstream, chip attributed to the middle, packaging and use attributed to downstream.Upstream belongs to the category of capital and skill-intensive, while the entry threshold for middle and lower reaches is relatively low.

What is LED epitaxial wafer?

The basic principle of LED epitaxial wafer growth is as follows: on a substrate substrate heated to the appropriate temperature, sapphire, SiC and Si are the primary substrate, and the gaseous material InGaAlP is transported to the substrate surface in a controlled way to grow a specific monocrystalline film.At present, organic metal chemical vapor deposition method is the first choice for the growth of LED lamp with brand epitaxial wafer.

LED epitaxial substrate data is the cornerstone of the development of the semiconductor lighting industry skills.Different substrate data, different LED epitaxial chip growth skills, chip processing skills and equipment packaging skills, substrate data determines the development of semiconductor lighting skills.

At present, only two kinds of substrates can be used for commercialization, namely sapphire and silicon carbide. Other substrates, such as GaN, Si and ZnO, are still under development and are still far from industrialization.