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How To Install LED Strip
- Aug 20, 2018 -

Many people do not use LED lights, now by shenzhen photoelectric editors to teach you how to use.

1.When the LED strip is a roll, please do not light it.

2.You can only cut at the scissor mark on the lamp strip, otherwise a unit will not light up.

3.When installing, bend the lamp belt to one side to expose 2-3mm copper wire, and cut it clean with cutting pliers. No burrs shall be left, to avoid short circuit.

4.Do not connect the power supply during the installation or assembly of the lamp belt. Only when the power supply is connected and installed properly and correctly can it be connected.

5.The LED strip is installed in cold temperatures, which can be powered up for several minutes to make the lamp body soft and easy to bend, and then powered off for installation.

6.Do not hit the lamp tube with heavy objects or hit and vibrate during installation and use.

7.The tail end of the lamp must be covered with tail plug before being glued.


8.Only two lamps with the same specifications and the same voltage can connect with each other in series. The total length of the series shall not exceed the maximum permissible length.

9.All interfaces should be firm and free of potential short-circuit hazard. When installing outdoors, all joints should be sealed with glass glue or other appropriate methods to ensure that all joints are filled with water.

10.Do not install in water, flammable, explosive environment, must ensure a good ventilation environment.

11.Installation and fixation, do not use metal materials such as iron wire to tightly tie the lamp tube, in order to avoid the wire into the tube, resulting in short burning lamp tube.

12.The power supply voltage shall be marked with the lamp tube, and the appropriate safety device shall be installed.

13.Do not cover the lamp tube with any object during use.

14.If the lamp body is damaged, please cut off this part immediately.

15.For flash, water, etc., use LED controller.